The receipt of an order by BYCLASSY assumes in any case that the buyer accepts the following general conditions of sale: PRICES Prices are presented NET and are valid ,except printing erros. Prices are those in effect on our price list, unless special conditions agreed with the customer. The price list may be modified at any time by giving notice to the customer.


The delivery time will be agreed between both parties; Delays in delivery do not give the buyer the right to cancel it, nor the application of penalties or sanctions, unless prior agreement. Specific production orders may not be canceled unless BYCLASSY has given prior written consent. If the cancellation of the order is accepted, all costs resulting up to the time of cancellation will be paid by the buyer.


The request for urgent transport will always be suported by the customer, whatever the amount. The buyer must check the orders as soon as they are delivered, having 24 hours from the reception to send the proof of delivery of the carrier indicating damages (by fax or email). In the event of a break, damages, theft or loss, the receiver of the goods should return its claim with pictures to BYCLASSY (by fax or email). After 8 days of receipt of the goods, BYCLASSY will not accept any type of complaint. We will not accept any return of goods that has not been authorized in writing by BYCLASSY. In no case will be refunded customized articles or articles that are not in force in the current price list. We do not accept return of orders for special models or finishes other than those described in our catalogues. BYCLASSY is not responsible for products that have been previously handled or misused. In case of return of merchandise or stock break, BYCLASSY will be responsible for the shipping and transportation of these articles. One credit note will be issued for the returned merchandise.


The terms of payment will be set by the parties, BYCLASSY and the buyer. All expenses incurred as a result of the refund of invoices will be borne by the buyer, as well as renewal and deferral charges The maturity of our invoices is unalterable. In case of delay, or return, interests and charges will be applied. In case of non-payment, all orders in progress will be suspended. Any product not paid in full will remain the property of BYCLASSY until full payment of the amount. BYCLASSY reserves the right to make any modification, cancellation or replacement of the articles offered in its catalogues, without prior notice.


Pay particular attention to the assembly instructions inside each box, as well as the maximum power indicated on the label of each socket. BYCLASSY declines all responsability for damage caused by the use of a lamp with a power higher than recommended. BYCLASSY guarantees the supply of spare parts in the terms established by law, for discontinued models. These conditions shall be submitted to the Portuguese court, and the competent court for the shares shall be the one of the domicile of BYCLASSY, who shall designate a domicile in Portugal if the buyer is a foreigner. Any modification to the conditions above mentioned, requires the written agreement of the buyer and the seller.


Our products have a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase by the distributor. Our responsability in the case of a warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the goods with the exception of the lamps. The guarantee does not include transport costs nor installation or uninstallation costs, if applicable.